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Finance and God's Retribution Against Unfair and the Wealthy


Finance and God's Retribution Against Cheats and the Wealthy

The cliché that money is the foundation of all evil has robust aid in evidence. It is part of the World Order of Constantine, who's identified as 666. Many know that wealth and greed are anti-god however they don't apprehend why? Few if any are fascinated enough to appearance back to the start of change and how it become changed in the Roman Empire for imperial energy and control. This Emperor stole his manner to sole rule and many of the murdered alongside the way have been own family participants and their armies.

Romans were no longer inquisitive about emotional stuff or spirituality. They had one goal in mind and that turned into to make everybody agree to their approaches. Religion turned into a present due to the fact through it human beings might do as they believed the god of their worship commanded them. Constantine knew this and from the start it's miles suggested via modern authors, including Zosoman, that he knew from the primary what he had to do.

His history turned into as an Amorite and Islamic from Babylon. That town turned into domestic to the Amors who built Roma (opposite Amor). Their chief god turned into Mary, the sun-superstar, and the call means 'mother's effective eye'. 'Eye-megastar' is the origin of Easter and it became here that the first crucifixions are recorded due to the fact guys desired to 'marry' Mary by way of demise on crosses and rising together with her at sunrise.

Following my reincarnation and with a sturdy link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, it commissioned me to tear down the wall of deceit to bring within the harvest as we're on the quit of the day. It intended a mastering curve to unearth the solutions and discover the roots of faith. The harvest includes all who're religious and have remained dependable to God.

Constantine mounted the Catholic Church in 325 AD and put up the photograph of Jesus Christ and that is the entice that most have fallen into. He also placed Mary in it because the Mother of God and constructed the Vatican as a parliament of bishops to comfy the religion and growth his power and control. Money is the key to energy and he used it for that purpose.

He is the mastermind of the financial and criminal systems and the laws of inheritance by means of which Monarchs are selected to nowadays. The cheats keep power by means of their determination to their greed and following inside the footsteps of 666.

Now that we're on the give up of the day and his identification is understood the Spirit promised that his structures and all that he did could be taken away. That should start with religion and finance, each of that are underneath a cloud of dishonesty presently. God's retribution will see their assets destroyed and the depraved go to the sword (Jeremiah 25:31,33).

Everyone is again who has lived as testified to by way of the spike in populace. The Mountain of God is the Internet promised to seem inside the last days and each person are flowing to it (Micah four:1).

Published on: 1/24/19, 4:22 PM